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Fine Artist and our Mahoe Hardwood- May 2015

Joel Kaufman of Ellicott City, MD, has created this fine intarsia piece in about 6 months, and we are honored to share it with you. The pattern was replicated from a Phillip Ratner tapestry.  There are 50 different wood species using no stains or coloring with over 400 individual pieces.  It has over 100 shims and measures 19” x 35”.

Joel: “The blue mahoe pieces are the water on both sides of the ark, the whale’s spout of water (this is where I love the varying shades of blue mahoe), the translucent pieces through the whale and the stripe on one of the people on the ark.  No other wood I could find had these various shades of blue/purple/green and it was very easy to cut, shape, sand and finish”.

Here is a link to the process:

Patillas Kids Day

Kids Day in Patillas!! Thank you to everyone in Patillas who organized, led projects, made costumes, worked with kids rehearsing, set up tents, cleaned, and helped make Kids Day a wonderful fundraiser for Escuela Elemental de Marin Bajo. To Ruty Reyes and Tito Lebron, and the best team ever, muchas gracias! Love from The Bosquer@s, Las Casas de la Selva!