“Las Casas de La Selva is a tranquil collection of lodging areas, a dining hall, and a communal kitchen, encompassed by tropical gardens that blend into the surrounding tropical forest. Since 2004 I’ve visited over 20 times as the director of volunteer groups of students and adults. The groups constructed hiking trails, cabins, compost structures, greenhouses, walkways, and a large multi-use theater – all to sustain the mission of Las Casas de la Selva. While this place is about as remote as one can get in Puerto Rico, the people and spirit of Las Casas exude a familiar warmth that I always anticipated when visiting the island. The leadership team and their dedicated volunteers who call it home enhance the importance of this special project in the rainforest. The atmosphere they create combines educational experiences with group living, which in turn instill environmental consciousness and harmony. I remember my times there fondly and recommend groups of all types to experience Las Casas de La Selva for a unique service experience that is equally local and global.”