Views of the Las Casas de la Selva Homestead 2016

living room
Living space

Terrace 1
The Terrace

Wastewater Garden
The Wastewater Garden

Bunkhouse 1 and 2
The two bunkhouses, that each sleep ten people.

Homestead 1

Bunkhouse 1

Bunkhouse 1 interior
Inside the Bunkhouse

Bunkhouse 2 interior
Inside the Bunkhouse

tents under cover
Tenting when needed

dining area
Dining/Living space


living area 1
Living Space

living area 2

living area 3

living area 4

Homestead 2
Research Library

Humaure Toilets 1
Humanure toilets

Humaure Toilets 2

el teatro
El Teatro, for retreats, yoga, dance, meditation, conferences, artworkshops, talks etc.



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