Globalworks teenagers, Treeplanting, May 2015

Globalworks brought the whole of the 8th Grade from San Francisco Day School to Las Casas de la Selva, May 2015.

We hosted three teams consecutively, for three days each. This wonderful bunch of teens planted critically endangered endemic Cornutia obovata trees in the forest.

Thanks to SFDS teacher Chris Corrigan for his tremendous leadership skills, and the enthusiasm he has brought to Las Casas over the last several years on Globalworks expeditions. Thanks to all the wonderful staff and students for the hard-work planting these Cornutia obovata out in the forest, and for the wonderful evenings back at the homestead. We salute you all! Thank you also to Globalworks staff, and to Las Casas volunteers Alfredo Lopez and Helen Galli, for all their help.
All pix by 3t Vakil unless otherwise credited.

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GW Team 1 25-27 may 2015
Staff: Luke(Globalworks) with Loren & Marcella from SFDS

GW 3 29-31 may 2015
Staff: Luis (Globalworks) with Steve & Elise, SFDS

GW 2 27-29 may 2015
Staff: Scott (GW) Chris Corrigan & Michelle, SFDS

Above left: Scott Page, Director of Globalworks, Puerto Rico.
DSC_0898 chriscorregan2015
Above: Chris Corrigan, Expedition leader, SFDS
michellesfds2015 DSC_0920
Getting ready to walk the Cornutia obovata saplings into the forest for planting.

pic by Cho Schrader
Pic by Cho Hee Shrader

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