Research Mission

Mission Statement: Sustainable Forestry & Rainforest Enrichment in Puerto Rico

Tropic Ventures Research & Education Foundation was incorporated in 1998 as a non-profit in Puerto Rico to support the project’s research and education activities. The Earthwatch Institute has been a key collaborator in assisting in the scientific mission since 2000. Tropic Ventures Research & Education Foundation has a contract with Tropic Ventures (the managing entity) to conduct scientific studies and educational research work on the entirety of the land for the next 50 years.


1) To carry out research into the raising and processing of valuable hardwoods as part of a project looking at a total systems approach to rainforest management emphasizing sound ecological practice and economic sustainability.

2) To maintain as a natural rainforest reserve, without human disturbance, approximately 800 hectares of secondary growth forest land at Tropic Ventures’ Las Casas de la Selva project site. The remaining 323 hectares being used to experiment with species enrichment and restoration of damaged areas as well as the raising of hardwoods.

3) To research and maintain a collection of ethnobotanically important rainforest plants, including fruits, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, culinary herbs and plants used for construction and handcrafts. Use of these plants will be researched as economic alternatives to logging.

4) To promote and carry out research and education in ecologically sound use of all forest resources including the utilization of “waste woods” ordinarily deemed not valuable, promoting rainforest preservation and sustainable forestry practice.

5) To hold conferences and workshops on rain forest ecology, including vectors of ecotourism, value added work on timber, economic alternatives and viability of rainforest communities, and sustainable use of rainforest resources.

TVREF relies solely on the generosity of individuals who value the work that we do. Forest research is an invisible yet crucial component of the future of sustainable forestry in Puerto Rico. Further outreach and education need your support, your donation is critical. Thank you so much, it means a lot.