Management objectives

1. Production zones. To develop and sustainably manage a timber producing forest; traditional and non-traditional agro-forestry systems: shade coffee (traditional) and other, non-traditional systems like combinations of trees, bushes and herbs having fruit, ornamental, medicinal, and culinary qualities.
Only 25% of the secondary forest of the Las Casas de la Selva was planted with timber trees between 1984 and 1990.

2. Wildlife habitat. To conserve and to assist the spreading and the flow of wildlife in these regions, the remaining 75% of the forested property with steep slopes and deep valleys is deliberately left untouched to protect trees and soil, to let the secondary forest grow, avoid erosion, and to provide areas to study natural succession of the forest. The northern border is the Carite State forest.

3. Water quality. To protect three watersheds on the Las Casas de la Selva property, known as Sonadora, Hormiga, and Icaco. It is imperative to safeguard the forest on this property for the protection of these three important systems of permanent rivers and streams that flow into the Río Grande de Patillas, and are part of the watersheds that supply water to Lake Patillas, providing drinking and irrigation water to the communities in this municipality.

4. Recreation. To develop authentic ecotourism and educational activities, while promoting recreation, rest, meditation and deep enjoyment of nature. Helping people fall in love with forests; because if people do not fall in love with forests, they won’t protect forests.

5. Enterprises. To create practical strategies for plantations and small diameter forest products, by developing additional economic options within sustainable contexts for both producers and artisans.

6. Threats or Harm Management Strategies: To identify, manage and reduce threats to forested ecosystems health to prevent or eliminate the risk of the following issues: erosion; insect pests, and diseases; ecosystem fragmentation; climate change; hurricanes/storms; drought; invasive plants and animals.

Blue line indicates Las Casas de la Selva property boundary in Patillas, PR