Friends, we do not have a landline telephone, and we are frequently in the forest and away from a cellphone signal unless we are at the homestead, and even then it is sketchy.  An email will ensure a response as soon as possible, as frequently, trying to get us by phone can be frustrating. We would love to hear from you.  Like us on  Facebook.

Amigos, nosotros no tenemos un teléfono fijo, residencial y a menudo estamos en el campo o en el taller, lejos de la señal de teléfono celular. Preferimos que se comuniquen por medio de correo electrónico para asegurar la comunicación rápida y frecuente. Nos encantaría saber de usted.  Facebook.

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Thrity ‘3t’ Vakil, Director
3tvakil @ (close the spaces before and after @)
The Artwork of 3t

Andrés Rua, Technical Director
andresrua @
CV + Bio

Magha ‘Bhayali’ Garcia Medina, Special Projects
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Norman Greenhawk,
Herpetology at Las Casas since 2008
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Haddys Carmen Torres, Outreach and Special Projects
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Mailing Address: Las Casas de la Selva, HC 63, Buzon 3879, Patillas, 00723, PR

Physical Address: Las Casas de la Selva, Rte 184, KM 15.9, Bo. Real, Sector Mira Flores, Patillas, 00723, PR

How to get to Las Casas de la Selva – easy print one sheet

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