2018 Volunteers: Thank You!

Thrity and Andrés extend a huge, huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who have come to Las Casas de la Selva in 2018, and given love, labor, (mental, emotional, & physical support) to us and the project after the Hurricanes (Irma and Maria) that dealt us a devastating setback in 2017. We salute you all, please stay in touch and come back again. This sustainable forestry project only exists because people want it to.

Christopher Miller.

David Henebry

Robert Lane & Harry Zubik

Lance Strawn

Ingrid Datica

Kira, Kranzler, Matthew Mullinix, Forest Simons

Vanessa Van Valin

Vanessa Acevedo and Miguel ‘Coco’ Rosas

Phil Stark and sons, Adam & PJ

Ed Hutton, Erin Clark, Katherine Brunette, Jonathan Bortek

Mark Nelson

Magha Garcia, Adriana, and Anais

Maggie Villalta

Fiona Neary, Colin Aldrich & Danny Dibas

Kazia Van Valin

Katie Tsui and Clara King

Karen Babis

Julio Rodriguez and Ed

Joel Bernier

George Felix & Christine Bahr

Freddy Dempster

Florence Finch

Marie Harding

Erica Koontz and Katie Walker

Eben Wood

George Locascio

Denise O’Malley

Kai Griebenow

Corry Loveday, Nathan DeBrine, Maddy Blaha, and Naomi Lutwin

Ciaran Clark

Aseem Deodhar

Very, very special thanks to architect David Henebry, who personally funded and worked on several reconstruction projects at the end of 2018 and into 2019. These included: A casita roof mended; a new roof on el teatro; the lean-to structure that the new tree nursery will inhabit when finished; a cement porch floor.  Trees were also planted, amongst many other tasks! Thank you so much David for all your love and support of this project. Thanks also to friends Robert Lane, Lance Strawn, & Harry Zubik who contributed funds and labor.

Special Volunteer: To mention one volunteer may seem unfair, but Chris D. Miller was an ACE volunteer for three months, 2018-2019.

George Locascio has been coming to Las Casas for several years, and we give huge thanks for all his labor in chainsaw work this last year!

In December 2017 and January 2018,  Kira Kranzler, Matthew Mullinix, contributed critical funds and materials to re-roof the kitchen, as well as love and labor only a few months after Hurricane Maria, when the homestead was barely useable, and there was no electricity. Huge thanks and hugs for loving the place, the gardens, and the animals. Thanks also to Sally Richardson, & to Dan Kranzler for funding the kitchen roof!

Special mention: 3t’s two high school friends, Jane Linkson Clark and Joanne Patience Finch made social media contact with 3t several years ago…and in 2018 both were agreed that their kids needed an experience that might change their lives. Whether it did, or not, remains to be seen, (and perhaps they might testify to something, years down the line, but 3t had a wonderful and productive time with them, as solo volunteers who also got to partake in service-work with several large volunteer groups, like Horizons For Youth from Chicago, and Americorps Teams, carrying out hard labor to clear and prune the homestead. Ciaran Clark, 17 years old, and Florence Finch, 16 years old, volunteered at Las Casas de la Selva for one month with 3t as their guardian.

THANK YOU….ALL OF YOU! Please keep coming back.

Images by 3t Vakil, 2018

Movie of Hurricane Maria at Las Casas de la Selva

Movie of Hurricane Maria at Las Casas de la Selva

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