Thank you to all our 2018 volunteer teams!

Thank you to all the teams of volunteers in 2018 that came to help us in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
We are eternally grateful for all your hard labor on the homestead and in the forest! We salute you. Please keep coming back and forging strong relationships with this forest, and to keep the mission of sustainable forestry going.

Appalachian State University, March 2018

Telluride and Globalworks, May 2018

Niagara University Team, May 2018: Katherine Brunette, Erin Clark, Jonathan Bortek, & Ed Hutton

GW PRX 1a, June 2018

Globalworks with Sandy Springs Friends School, June 2018

Globalworks, PRX 1b, June 2018

Globalworks, PRX 2, July 2018

MD Juniors, July 2018

Chicago Foundation School, and Greenheart Travel, June 2018

Horizons For Youth Team with Greenheart Travel, August 2018

UPR School of Architecture, 2018

Movie of Hurricane Maria at Las Casas de la Selva

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