Mahoe Hardwood available now – December 2016

Mahoe, Hibiscus elatus, from our 30 year old tree plantations. These slabs were harvested in May, 2016, this year and were milled in August. We have had torrential rains for most of this year and keeping the shop and drying shed maintained is keeping us busy. Hence we are letting our woodworkers know that they can order wood that is not fully air-dried. Most woodworkers – we have learnt – like to continue to dry or season tropical hardwoods at their own pace in their local climate. The lowest moisture content we can achieve is 16% when we do dry it for 9 months to a year. The mahoe wood shown here varies between 20 and 30% moisture content. Please note well, that it is wise to dry it slowly in your area, which means leaving it wrapped in plastic and monitoring the further drying for at least two months.

All measurements are in inches, and all the pieces are BIGGER than stated for pricing. All ends are anchorsealed. All pieces include sapwood, and we do not include so much of that in the measurements. Where a board tapers, we make an average of the width. The photos show both sides of each board (eg: A1 and A2 are both sides of the same board).

Many of you already know our mahoe and are familiar with it. We have not planed any of this wood, so you are seeing the rough sawn surface, and some pieces (EFGH) were hosed with water. You will notice that there are dark streaks in some pieces, and they all have the delightful purple and bluey tones that mahoe is so famous for.

Please ask us if you have any questions, we are here to help. Please include in your email to 3t@ :
1) The NAME of the slab:
2) Your shipping address.
3) Your shipping preference for a quote: USPS Priority (4-6 days) or USPS Retail Ground (12-14 days) .

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Buying our wood and products is the best way to support our sustainable forestry enterprise in Puerto Rico. Thank you for your support, it is highly appreciated.
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SLAB NAME Length Width Thickness Bft Price
A 61 9 1.5 5.71 $114.20 SOLD
B 68 6 1.5 4.25 $85.00  SOLD
C 54 11 1.5 6.18 $123.60 SOLD
D 55 9 1.5 5.16 $103.20 SOLD


SLAB NAME Length Width Thickness Bft Price
E 57 12 1.4 6.65 $133.00  SOLD
F 56 12 1.5 7 $140.00 $120.00  SOLD  Pith just under 0.5″ on one side 
G 54 14 1.5 7.87 $157.40                    SOLD
40 11 1.5 4.58 $91.60


SLAB NAME Length Width Thickness Bft
I 58 11 1.5 6.64 $132.80  SOLD
J 50 10 1.5 5.2 $104.00
K 60 11 1.35 6.18 $123.60  SOLD  Knot in K1 side
60 9 1.5 5.62 $112.40 SOLD


SLAB NAME Length Width Thickness Bft Price
M 51 11 1.5 5.84 $116.80    RESERVED
N 49 8 1.5 4.08 $81.60
O 33 8 1.35 2.47 $49.40
P 45.5 12 1.35 5.11 $81.76 $65.00   SOLD    Has pith through the slab.


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