Thank You! To all our 2015 Volunteers

3t andres magha 2015
3t, Andres, and Magha

alfredo 2015
Alfredo Lopez, PR

Cho Hee Shrader and Chris Deforce, USA

Wanda Rodriguez, PR

 Daniel and Karen 2015 (2)
Daniel Dioguardi and Kaen Babis, USA

Bill July 2015 (3)
Bill Davidowski

Helen Galli May 2015 (3)
Helen Galli, USA

Tim Dec 2015 (3)
Tim Dehm

lizbeth dec2015
Lizbeth Velez, PR

nat dec 2015
Natalie Harrison, UK

Norman 2015 (1)
Norman Greenhawk

will robinson 2015
Will Robinson

Stratton and Mark 2015 (3)
Stratton Yatron & Matt, USA

Kamal Daghistani Dec 2015
Kamal Daghistani, USA

We are really thankful that individuals decide to come and volunteer their talents, time, and labor at Las Casas de la Selva. The project is a perfect place to immerse yourself into a new biome: the rainforest of Puerto Rico!

Special thanks to Tim Dehm, who stayed for three months and looked after Las Casas de la Selva for the month of October, in 2015, whilst 3t and Andres attended the annual Synergist Conference, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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