Earthwatch Expedition – December into January 2016

Back row L-R: Inset, Israel Guzman, Herb Wexler, Janet Richards, Kamal Daghistani, Ziyou Yang, Diane Bentz, Julio Rodriguez. Front: Magha Garcia, Marigail Bentz, Chari Kauffman, Danny Nip, Patricia Salomon, Riona Kobayashi, 3t Vakil, Andres Rua.

Israel Guzman, President of SOPI, led the team into the forest for the first Winter Bird Surveys at Las Casas de la Selva. Marta Edgar previously carried out two years of surveys in the summer months with Earthwatch volunteers.ew5 2015-6c

ew5 2015-6m
Through a presentation the team learnt about the work of SOPI and preliminary training in identifying birds of the area, and below, the elusive Warbler that hasn’t been seen in this region for several years.
ew5 2015-6n

ew5 2015-6o

ew5 2015-6a

ew5 2015-6b

ew5 2015-6d

ew5 2015-6e

ew5 2015-6f

ew5 2015-6g

ew5 2015-6h

ew5 2015-6p

ew5 2015-6i

ew5 2015-6q

ew5 2015-6r

ew5 2015-6t

ew5 2015-6s

ew5 2015-6j

ew5 2015-6k

ew5 2015-6l
Magha gave a tostone-making class.
ew5 2015-6u
A wonderful dinner at Habitarte, a project run by Wanda Rodriguez and Ricardo Valles Perez (below).ew5 2015-6v

ew5 2015-6w

ew5 2015-6x
With 3t, the team also carried out the monitoring and care of nearly 300 saplings of critically endangered trees.
ew5 2015-6y

ew5 2015-6zzz

ew5 2015-6zz
Finally, we had a great New Years Party. Thank you to everyone who contributed time and energy into making this a seriously fun-filled Earthwatch Expedition.  Happy New Year!

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