Frank H. Wadsworth 100 years old Dec 2015

FHW 100 j
Congratulations to our most favorite forester. Frank we salute you highly on this most auspicious day.
Happy 100th Birthday!
FHW 100 a
Frank Wadsworth & Johnny DolphinFHW 100 c
Frank and his wife, Isabel ColoradoFHW 100 d

FHW 100 e

FHW 100 f

FHW 100 b
Johnny Dolphin, Eliezer Nieves Rodriguez, (‎PR DNER) & Andrés RúaFHW 100 g
Mycologist, botanist, Jean Lodge
FHW 100 h
Ornithologist, Joe M. Wunderle
FHW 100 i
Forester, Peter L. Weaver
FHW 100 m
Peter Weaver & 3t
FHW 100 k
Andrés and historian, Jorge Nieves.FHW 100 l
3t, Nick Brockaw, Director of The Institute for Tropical Ecosystem Studies (ITES) and Director of the Luquillo LTER Program, & Johnny Dolphin

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