Symposium and Exhibition of Forest Products at IITF, 6th December 2014



L-R: Luis Soto, (Land Authority Director) Carmen Guerrero, (Secretary of DNR), Connie Carpenter, Magaly Figueroa, (USDA State & Private Forestry), Andrés Rúa, 3t Vakil, (Tropic Ventures and Nuestra Madera), Magha Garcia, (Director Pachamama Organic Farm), Sheila Ward, (Mahogany for the Future), Edgardo Gonzalez (Landscape Conservation Center).

  1. Were any of the items in the photos made at Las Casas?
    If so, the workmanship has come a long way since Rubio and I were there.

    • Hi Harry,
      None of the items you see on this page were. Some items at the Symposium (album pix) were made at Las Casas de la Selva by Andres Rua. I will try and caption them soon. It was a great event bringing together some of the finest woodworkers and luthiers at the International Institute of Tropical Forestry. Check back again soon.

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