Pepperdine University from Malibu, California


Pepperdine students helped in getting trees to the places in the forest where we are going to plant them…these are Styrax portoricensis saplings.
This particular project is a collaboration with US Fish & Wildlife to establish the recovery of highly endangered endemic species. Thank you Pepperdine team for all your enthusiasm in trailwork and treework.
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  1. Wonderful news and job well done . I wish great sucess for the styrax portoricensis project. I have known about this endangered species and how very rare it is. I see ornamental value for this unique and endemic tree in the future if the population recovers. I would also like to see more recovery projects for other endemic,rare and endangered flora of puerto rico such as the capa rosa(callicarpa ampla),jaguilla(magnolia portoricenisi),aceitillo(zanthoxylum flavum)and especially “nogal antillano(junglans jamaicensis). The nogal antillano i recommend as a next project.

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